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“Helping First Responders Comfort Children-In-Crisis”

Vision Statement

“The first response is a book to comfort a child-in-crisis” Is REACH-A-Child™’s vision. Whether the children are in an automobile accident, victims of domestic disturbance or temporarily homeless, REACH-A-Child™ wants to help First Responders engage these children in a positive way through the power of a book.

“Due to the nature of our work, Wisconsin State Troopers are regularly tasked with assisting victims through extremely difficult situations. Often times, those victims include children. The REACH-A-Child™ initiative provides a valuable tool to help children during times of crisis. Providing a book and a backpack to a child in crisis diverts their attention from the tragic situation and allows the Trooper to comfort them. The mission of the Wisconsin State Patrol is to promote highway safety and enhance the quality of life for all Wisconsin citizens and visitors by providing and supporting professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services. The REACH-A-Child™ organization provides a beneficial tool that allows us to accomplish our mission.”

– Captain Charles Teasdale

Recent News

Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department Receives REACH Bags


On Thursday, September 21, REACH-A-Child Board Member Eric Ristau delivered 20 REACH bags to the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department. REACH bags are backpacks kept in first responder vehicles. Each REACH bag contains children’s books and drawstring backpacks to be given to children who first responders encounter during crisis situations.

Deputy Erica Koxlien and Chief Deputy Harlan Reinders were on hand to accept the delivery.

These 20 REACH bags will help comfort 400 children in crisis.