Hear from people who have been affected by REACH-A-Child™


Assistant Chief Duane Nechodom

Little Chute Fire Department

“On December 16th, 2016, we responded to a carbon monoxide call. This person’s Carbon Monoxide Monitor was going of. When we arrived on scene, the mother and her two sons were sitting in her car. We went in and did our checking with our monitor. In the meantime, the two little boys came out of the car and you could tell they were a little scared. So I had one of my guys get our REACH BAG and give them a backpack and a book. After we did that, you should have seen the look on those two little boys. It was amazing to see the change in them. To me that is what this program is all about. There is no better feeling than to see the tension lifted of from the boys. Thanks for the backpacks and the books! Well worth it!!”

Steve Boyd

Fitchburg Fire Department

“I work as a Firefghter for the Fitchburg Fire Department and can’t say enough about the impact of these REACH BAGs. We were re-cently dispatched to a medical call involving an ill female in the city of Fitchburg late one night. When we arrived on scene, her four children ranging from 4 to 12 years old were all present, around her, and very upset. The REACH BAG on our apparatus allowed our crew to help the children direct their attention to something else and keep them calm. Two of the youngest children began to smile and laugh at some of the books that was inside the REACH BAG. Not only was their mother able to receive the attention and time needed from the crew and paramedics, but the children’s minds were released from burden, stress, and fear. The REACH-A-ChildTM REACH BAGs truly are a great asset to have for everyone involved.”

Officer Ben Enstrom

Middleton Police Department

“While I can’t share a lot of information, I wanted to let you all know that I was finally able to use my squads REACH-A-ChildTM REACH BAG!

I was dealing with a pretty complex incident involving a child (everyone is okay), who obviously had no idea who I was and was hesitant to open up to me. I was able to open up some dialogue with the child and gain some of their trust with the help of my children’s books provided by your organization! They were thrilled to pick out their own books. All ended well!

Thank you all for your support and commitment to helping children in need!!”

Amelia Levitt

Madison Police Officer

“I work as a police ofcer in the south district for the City of Madison police department. I responded to a call where the caller was having serious mental health concerns. When I arrived, I spoke with the woman, who was later admitted to the hospital for her mental health concerns. Right when I got there, I noticed the woman had her 11 year old daughter with her.

The daughter was very afraid, probably due to her mother’s behavior as well as the police coming to the scene. I was able to talk to the girl briefy and then said I was going to be right back. The girl had begun crying from her fear. I went and retrieved the REACH-A-ChildTM REACH BAG from my squad. I selected a chapter book and provided the girl with one of the backpacks in the bag. I gave both of these to the girl, who stopped crying and began talking to me about the book as well as how well she was doing in school. The woman and her child had been living in a motel and had no personal belongings with them. When I told her she could keep both the book and the backpack, I could tell she was very grateful to have something which she could possess again. As the girl was picked up by a family member, she showed of the backpack and book, proud to have something to bring along. The REACH-A-ChildTM program is such a wonderful tool to have, especially in times of crisis for children! Thank you so much! We are grateful to have the REACH-A-ChildTM backpacks and books available!”