On July 18th, REACH-A-Child received an incredibly generous donation of $5,000 from the members of the Wisconsin Realtors Foundation. This charitable giving allows us to provide 33 REACH BAGs for First Responders in the state of Wisconsin. The backpacks will provide essential tools to help 660 children in crisis situations.

Their unbelievable gift also provides around 500 additional children’s books that First-Responder departments may utilize for engaging youth in their communities.

We are only as strong as our supporters, and we cannot thank the Wisconsin Realtors Foundation enough for becoming such an integral and important part of our mission.

Reach A Child serves first responders in over 150 departments across the state to enable these men and women to reach children in crisis. The books contained a REACH BAG provide that child with an age-appropriate book they keep to redirect the child’s attention from the crisis at hand. Whether a child is in an accident, a victim of a domestic disturbance, or going through a trauma, the power of a book and a positive interaction with a First Responder can go a long way towards “making things right” again.