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Officer’s stories

“We have received the books you sent our department and thank you for your prompt response. One of our officers, Jackie Dunlap, is very involved in handing out books to children in the area and she has provided two stories to share with you and your website regarding her experiences. Here are the stories:


I was dispatched for two children, ages 4 & 6 who walked away from their residence. I was told their father was out looking for them. I arrived at the residence and spoke to the father who told me he found his children at the playground. He explained to me that his children’s mother left four months ago. He stated he was doing the best he could to raise his children but stated they don’t always listen to him. He mentioned that he was not able to work because he did not have child care. I went to the playground and spoke with the children. I explained to them the importance of listening to their father and stressed that we just wanted them to be safe. After speaking with the children I gave them each a book. The father was extremely grateful. The children were very happy and thanked me. They couldn’t wait to get back home and look at their books. They told me they would always listen to their dad.


I gave a book to a toddler who was the victim of a dog bite. He was very tired by the time I met with him but I did get a smile! His parents were also very appreciative.

As more books are handed out and more stories occur, I will send them your way to share with everyone involved in the program. Thanks again!”

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