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North Central Region of the State Patrol Receives REACH BAGs

On December 15, our Executive Director Curt Fuszard, Program Coordinator Patricia Sugden and Board member Cory Erickson, delivered 57 REACH BAGs to the North Central Region of the State Patrol. This delivery was made possible from a sponsorship from AAA Wisconsin. We were lucky to have Brent Dabler from AAA join us for the delivery. Lieutenant Rich Reichenberger and Susan Groom were very pleased to get this resource delivered to them. With these BAGs in 57 State Patrol vehicles, these State Troopers will be able to comfort and distract 1,140 children-in-crisis with a REACH BAG. We are so thankful for the support of Lieutenant Reichenberger and AAA Wisconsin.

Left to Right: Brent Dabler from AAA, Lieutenant Reichenberger, Cory Erickson, Patricia Sugden and Susan Groom

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