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“After getting the backpack and the book, I was not scared anymore.”

“Little Chute Fire Department was dispatched to a two-vehicle car accident. When I arrived on the scene, I found one person hurt from one vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was not hurt. As I was talking to the police officer on the scene, the driver of the other vehicle said they had five kids in the back seat. I went over to check on them and found out there were all okay – a little scared, but still okay. However, the driver of our engine quickly got out our REACH-A-Child backpack and brought it over to the kids to let them pick out a book and a backpack. After a few minutes, I went back to the vehicle to check-in and see if there were done picking out their books and backpacks.  They were all done and the look on their faces was priceless! Smiles all around!! Just before I was ready to leave, one of the kids said to me, “After getting the backpack and the book, I was not scared anymore.”  That made all of us on scene feel a whole lot better! Thank You REACH-A-Child!

Duane Nechodom
Assistant Chief
Little Chute Fire Department

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