The latest news at REACH-A-Child™

Belleville Police Receive REACH BAGs

On February 17th, Curt Fuszard, Executive Director, delivered two REACH BAGs to the Belleville Police department. The REACH BAGs were accepted by Chief William Eichelkraut, Tracy Lien, Executive Assistant to the Chief, and Curt Fuszard. These [...]

Cornell Alumni Volunteers at REACH

On Sunday January 8th, we had volunteers from the Cornell Alumni Association volunteer at the REACH office and warehouse. These volunteers helped with various tasks; including labeling books, folding drawstring backpacks and assembling REACH [...]

Boy Scout Troop 628 Donate Books

On January 7th, we were pleased to have Boy Scout Troop 628 come to our office to bring books they donated to REACH-A-Child. They also helped us our at the office by sorting, labeling the books and folding drawstring backpacks for our REACH [...]