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Baraboo First Responders Receive REACH BAGs!

Baraboo Police, Fire & EMS Receive REACH BAGs!

On Monday May 15th, REACH-A-Child™ delivered 25 REACH BAGs to the First Responder departments in Baraboo. This was a joint effort from local community partners. Each REACH BAG contains age appropriate children’s books ranging from picture books to chapter books. They also have drawstring backpacks for each child. The child will then be able to keep the book along with a drawstring backpack to put any belongs in.

This delivery was made possible due to the help of Kortnee Brooks, who wanted to get the program to her local First Responders in Baraboo. She worked in conjuction with individuals from Sauk County Institute of Leadership (SCIL) to raise funds for the delivery. Multiple fundraising avenues were created to help support these First Responders.

Due to their efforts, these Baraboo First Responders will be able to comfort and distract 500 children-in-crisis over the year. We greatly appreciate the support of Kortnee, SCIL and these First Responders for their support and collaboration.

Baraboo First Responders

Left to Right: Baraboo EMS Chief Sechler, Kortnee Brooks, Kortnee’s Son, SCIL Representatives, REACH Program Coordinator Patricia Sugden and Police Chief Schauf. Baraboo Fire Chief Stieve was not present for the photo.

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