“the ability to be able to give something to those kids…had a huge, positive impact on the children…”

“Last summer we had the opportunity to use the REACH BAGs provided to our department.  We had received an emergency call about a pulseless, non-breathing infant.  I responded along with EMS and found an 8 month old infant not breathing and with no pulse.  Ultimately the child died.  In the house, at the time of the call, were 2 small children both under the age of 5.  The scene was chaotic to say the least.  I was able to take the children out to the squad car and give them the opportunity to each pick out a couple of books from our REACH BAG.  At that time it was apparent to me that the ability to be able to give something to those kids, at that particular time, had a huge, positive impact on the children during a very chaotic and negative incident.  Thank you for all you do.”

Thomas J. Janssen
Chief of Police
Cross Plains Police Dept.

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